Orthopedic Surgery for AnimalsWe have orthopedic surgery capabilities at our hospital here in NW Edmonton. Orthopedic problems can result in a variety of challenges for both the pet and pet owner, so we promise to communicate with you and work together throughout the process.

Please contact us at our NW Edmonton clinic today if you would like to learn more about our orthopedic surgery or any animal surgery.

Cruciate Ligament Repair

orthopedicsWe are happy to announce that we now provide OrthoZip surgeries! This is a fancy word to describe the surgical repair of a cruciate ligament rupture. This rupture is the complete or partial tear of the ligament (band of connective tissue that connects two bones at a joint) in the knee. The usual surgical fix was called a TPLO, and is still used amongst doctors. The OrthoZip is the newest widely accepted method of surgical repair for a cruciate ligament rupture. The many benefits of this procedure include reduced recovery time, reduced surgery time, high-strength, and is a less invasive surgery. Your pet will be up and moving quicker than if he had received a TPLO surgery!

For more information about this procedure, please contact us at 780.705.2131.