Image00091Cats can make great pets. They can be inquisitive, entertaining, affectionate, and stubborn, but most of all they can be a great companion. While cats may look more similar than dogs, they come in many varieties. Not just colors, but coats and temperament as well. Cats can have short, long, or curly hair. They can be playful, energetic, loud, quiet, gentle, or aggressive. Even though each cat is unique, the breed of the cat, whether mixed or pure, can indicate what personality it is likely to have.

Cats are known for seeming independent, especially compared to dogs. However, all cats enjoy attention and companionship. Cats are also known for their ability to adapt to different environments. Since they don’t need to be walked, and are generally easy to housebreak, cats are a popular choice for those who live in apartments or small spaces, especially if they have limited access to the outdoors.

Image00088Selecting a cat is similar to selecting a dog. It is important to understand your family’s situation, needs, and responsibilities. Consult your veterinarian regarding the personality of the cat you are considering. Be sure to understand whether the cat is shy, aggressive, or somewhere in between, and how that fits in with your household. Healthy cats, no matter their general temperament, will seek attention and affection from the people around them.

Because cats are independent, many pet owners think they come with less responsibility. That is simply not true, cats have many needs and being a pet owner is always a large responsibility. Of course cats need food and water, but they also need to socialize and have their litter box changed regularly. Also, it is vital to take your cat to the veterinarian regularly, even if they seem fine. Prevention is always important, and with some cats it can be difficult to tell when they are not feeling well.

Owning a cat can provide constant joy. Make sure to discuss the decision with your veterinarian so you can make the most informed choice, whether selecting a kitten or adopting an older cat.

Two great great rescue organizations that offer cats for adoption are Little Cats Lost (780-937-4781) and SAFE Team (780-819-2679). A trusted pet store is Pet Valu.