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I always have such an amazing experience with Oxford Animal Hospital. The staff is always friendly and welcoming and were even able to tell me my kitten's breed! I always feel the staff and vet go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I have brought my kitten and my older cat there and every time I go I am always more than happy with the care my cat has received! The prices are great too! I would highly recommend to go here! Hands down the best service I have ever received from a vet clinic.

Anika V. Avatar Anika V.

Called around to multiple veterinary offices as well as the spay and neuter clinic and Oxford Animal Hospital has the best prices for puppy spays to my knowledge. The staff are also so friendly and accommodating. They cuddled my pup and called to check in on her the next day. Great place!

Kaitlyn O. Avatar Kaitlyn O.

Dr. Tamer and Dr. Wesam are so fantastic! Each time I've come in about my cat, they've taken the time to ensure that all my questions have been answered. I truly appreciate their genuine approach when addressing my concerns. They are ALWAYS willing to help. In fact, when I drop in, either Dr. Tamer or Dr. Wesam will take the time our of their schedule to see me.

Thank you so much!!!

Donna R. Avatar Donna R.

Both our cat and dog come here. Staff are suuuuuper friendly and helpful. They genuinely care about the animals. Not many vets around here are like OAH. We will always continue to bring our fur kids here!

Jeromy O. Avatar Jeromy O.


mrrca Avatar mrrca

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5/07/2016    a month ago
I’M SO HAPPY I STOPPED IN! Every single staff member clearly loves animals, treating myself and my puppy like we their only client even though we’re clearly not. I felt welcomed and safe, as did my puppy. We were educated from beginning to end and provided more than we could ask for with his physical, requisite shots and personal discussion from the vet. This was followed up with my another staff member who specializes and provided a personal consultation about puppies training and diet. I didn’t even have to ask but his nails were clipped – something I think most pet owners fear doing themselves.

I happened to pop in to the veterinarian because I go to Oxford Physical Wellness next door (also a 5 star experience). There’s something about the folks in this Plaza. They are amazing!
Kirsty Cameron

6/07/2016     I became familiar with this clinic after my old cat became very ill. After years of struggling with diabetes I knew it was time to put her to sleep. I called around bc I had moved far away from my previous vet clinic and was hoping to find something more convenient. When I called to explain the situation the girl who answered the phone was amazing. She assured me that I would have as much time as I wanted with my cat Stabby, a private room, and she took all the information over the phone so I didn’t have to deal with that in the aftermath of having to put my long time friend to sleep. When I called other clinics they actually wanted to charge me to examine my cat that was to be euthanized. As if I didn’t know as her owner for 15 plus years that it was her time. The price at Oxford was more than reasonable and the care, attention and sensitivity the staff and Dr Mahmoud showed was very comforting. They trusted me and I trusted them. Weeks later I received a very thoughtful card in the mail in memoriam of my cat. A few months after, I rescued another cat. He recently got into a fight and suffered a wound. I had been laid off a couple months prior and they were willing to work with me on payment arrangements which I am so very grateful for as times are tough. They treated me with the utmost respect and did what was best for my cat and will do a free follow up as well. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. As a life long multiple animal owner I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for a moment. Great clinic. Thanks!!
Christine Cunningham

8/06/2016    Thank you to Dr. Wesam and all the staff at Oxford. We have always been treated with exceptional friendliness and professionalism everytime myself & my little Bichon (Maria), have visited the clinic. We love the fact that we live close by, its very appeasing, we love this whole new area & neighborhood. I would be more than happy to recommend the clinic to anyone seeking care for their pet. Thank you Oxford vet for the comfort and peace of mind that you offer us, we truly appreciate everyone there for their work, time and patience. Robbie Gentile.
Robbie Gentile

30/07/2016    The staff is amazing and friendly, they take there time with you and your pet. Dr. Wesam is incredibly knowledgeable and happily explains exactly what is she is doing (medical/test wise) with your pet. Highly recommend!
Fiona Aliaj

2/5/2016     I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable veterinarian. The girls at the front are also amazing. Going above and beyond, like sending picture updates through out the day, to ease you while your pet is in surgery! Great job! Even with the move across the city, I will continue coming to this office!
Meagan Tapp

8/12/2015    Little Cats Lost (Trap-Neuter-Return) Society is a not-for-profit animal rescue organization that specializes in saving cats and kittens. With many veterinary clinics in Edmonton, Oxford Animal Hospital is our primary clinic of choice. Our animals are always treated with care, respect and in a timely manner. As a volunteer run, non-profit society we rely on the generous support the clinic extends to us. Every cent their business gives on the services and medications, we filter back to save more animals that have faced abuse, neglect, abandonment, euthanasia and serious life threatening issues.

The little “rag-tag” cats and kittens that are treated at this clinic had no voice, but the staff and veterinarians speak volumes for their value as potential family pets as they treat them with such care and attention. Oxford’s understanding and appreciation of our needs and their willingness to give, allows us through our working relationship to provide continued support and aid to the under-valued animals in our community.

If you are looking for a veterinary clinic that is committed to animal welfare and will treat you and your animal(s) with respect, then your experience at Oxford will be a positive one. From the front-end staff to the veterinarians, they will make you feel welcome, will take the time to educate you on your pet’s condition and most importantly provide excellent loving care to your family pet(s). President, Little Cats Lost

Virginia Marando

6/3/2016    The staff at Oxford were very polite and friendly. The Dr. Was as well and very knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns with my newky adopted cat( Mia). I would strongly recommend this clinic to everyone!😻👍
Kevin Fleury

12/4/2016    Today our beloved dog (14 years old) took his final journey. Thank you very much Oxford Animal Hospital for your exceptional treatment and compassion – 6 stars in my book.
John Konkin

12/7/2015    Dr. Tamer and Dr. Wesam truly care for your pet. They offer any help they could give at a price that won’t break your bank. Very accommodating and friendly. They even have a wellness plan that covers all your pet’s needs. Highly recommended.
Khaled Soliman

2/1/2015    Dealing with Dr. Tamer Mahmoud was a WIN WIN for me and my 2 Purebred Wirehaired Fox Terriers. The dogs were spayed. The Price, Care, Attention and Follow Up was superb. As a result I have recommended this animal hospital to friends who now use Dr. Mahmoud as their vet for their purebred dogs.
Brian Bindon

2/8/2016    Both Doctors were friendly, compassionate and caring. I had one of my bunnies neutered and of all the bunnies I have had spayed or neutered, this was the best surgery.Prince Charming had less scarring and healed faster than any others. Highly recommend the clinic with it’s state of the art technology. Prices are very resonable as well ( better than any other clinic that treats pocket pets).

9/8/2015    Being new to the area, we wanted to make sure that we chose the best vet for our pups. After researching and reading reviews online, we decided to go with Oxford Animal Hospital and we are so glad that we did! I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful this hospital is. From the moment we walked in we were treated with such kindness and respect. The staff is absolutely amazing and treat each animal like their own pets. Dr. Tamer and Dr. Wesam have gone above and beyond for our boy and we are truly grateful to have such caring and patient veterinarians! If you want the best care for your pets, I would highly recommend this hospital. Edmonton is lucky to have these doctors and their team!
Jessica Gaudet

2/23/2016    Love Oxford vet. Took our dog Maddux there today the staff are friendly and the vet did a great job making our dog feel comfortable during his ear cleaning. I highly recommend them.
Doug Smith

2/23/2016    Can’t say enough wonderful things about Oxford vet. They go above and beyond to give proper care to your fur baby. My girl Lexi had a rash on her belly and they thought to test her thyroid (something most vets would miss) and thankfully she did because that was the root problem causing the rash. Now my Lexi’s rash has cleared up and her personality is coming back thanks to getting her thyroid levels in check. I highly recommend them, so much so, I got my Mom to switch her dog to Oxford vet, and she’s very happy she did 🙂
Laurie Morin

1/8/2016    After arriving home from work I saw that my dog Shelbie was in distress. Even though it was almost closing time I took Shelbie in to see Dr. Wesam. The doctor was wonderful. She ran the tests on Shelbie to determine the diagnosis and treated her. She explained everything she did, before she did it and treated both Shelbie and me with care and compassion. Shelbie was in great hands the whole time. Dr. Wesam stayed for hours past her clinics closing time just to help us. The cost was very reasonable, the care was outstanding. The next day I received a call from the hospital asking that I keep them updated and told me to bring Shelbie back if there was any follow-up needed. I was fortunate to find this animal hospital for my beloved dog.
Cathy Bowley

8/18/15    This place is a GEM! My dog Gucci loves going here! What incredible vets, techs and front staff! The first time I walked into the oxford animal hospital they offered to take me on a tour in their clinic.Everyone took there time to answer all my questions and thoroughly answer everything I didn’t understand again. The prices are extremely fair priced and I was extremely happy with the care the team provides from the time I walk in to the time I leave. Everyone treats us like a family member even on our bad days. Happy I found this place! I highly recommend this animal hospital.
Poppy katt

8/17/15    So I just had the most amazing experience yesterday. I brought my cat in because he was piddling on the floor every 10 minutes and was obviously in a lot of pain. When I arrived, the receptionist was beyond nice to me and my cat. She made small talk with me and cleaned up after my cat, who had piddled on the counter. The vet took me in right away, and was so very gentle and compassionate with my cat. I was a big baby, crying in the exam room, and he soothed all my fears and explained everything they were going to do to make my cat better. The receptionist even gave me a big hug on my way out. I really felt like I had left my kitty in good hands. While I was at home, the receptionist texted me photos of my kitty to show how he was doing. She updated me on the hour, letting me know when my cat was going in for xrays, and when he was all fixed up and ready to go home. She was super kind about my worries. She never once made me feel like I was obsessing, or like I was an inconvenience. Then when I went to go pick up my cat, the Vet gave me a tour of the facilities, and showed me the other animals (the baby kittens were soooo cute!!). I got to see the xray machine, and where they took my kitty to listen to his heart and lungs. The vet even showed me my cat’s xray and walked me through it so I knew everything that I was looking at. He also walked me through my cat’s urine analysis and showed me exactly how they know it’s an infection and not a golf stone. In the end they went through all the charges for me and added a complimentary clipping. He explained exactly what medication was for what, and they supplied the food I needed to help him get better. The Vet never once made me feel like I had to rush, or like he had one foot out the door (like my doctor does to me when I go on to see him lol). He even took photos of my cat’s teeth when he put him to sleep for the procedure, so that he could show me how my cat’s teeth needed to be cleaned really badly. He had an estimate written up for the teeth cleaning just in case. In the end, I was SO pleased with their services, that I decided to sign my kitty up for a health plan (which happens to include dental work). It’s a super reasonable price, and includes a LOT of stuff. Now its the following day, and I’ve already spoken to the receptionist once and the vet once as well just to check up on some questions I had. the Vet said I could call him 100 times that day, each time with a new question, and I’d never be bothering him. I’ve never felt so welcomed in my entire life. Hell, you can’t get service like this from my own doctor! haha So now I’m taking my kitty back on Tuesday to get his teeth cleaned. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this vet hospital to anyone who ever has even the smallest of pet needs. I’ve never felt so welcomed or safe in my entire life. Thank you Oxford Animal Hospital for everything you’ve done for my kitty and I, we’re eternally grateful <3
Brittany Charlebois

8/14/15    I rescued a 3 year old Min Pin and he need some serious TLC.
Dr. Tamer and his team are amazing.
The long list of items my Min Pin needed seemed like I was going to be spending a lot, but they offer this amazing monthly health package that includes tons of service.
They are prompt, make my Min Pin feel very comfortable and are so customer driven.
I highly recommend having your pet taken care of at the Oxford location.
You can’t beat the service and value.
They have last minute bookings, you can call Dr. Tamer directly.
I wish I had a doctor for myself that was this accommodating.
Suki Keo

6/5/15     I had the most positive experience I’ve ever encountered at a vet today. This being at Oxford Animal Hospital. Squeaks has had bad experiences before and is not socialized. He growls, attacks, bites and claws because he is very scared. OTHER places wanted to sedate him immediately, and did not want me to come into the room with him. I have always felt rushed or that money, rather than his well-being, was the focus. BUT at Oxford Animal Hospital, the vet and her assistant went above and beyond. They sat and waited patiently while he got familiar with the room. When he inevitably got aggressive, they took another break, gave him treats and resumed as to not overwhelm him. Even after his shots were administered and he was able to go, the vet took me on a tour of their facility. They have state of the art equipment, they also have an isolation room for their sick animals to stay in until they get well, and are able to adhere to emergencies with their own surgery and xray room on hand in the back. While I went on this tour, the assistant (aka cat whisperer), had Squeaks with her. She wanted to take the extra time so he would feel more comfortable when he returned by making sure he left on a positive, relaxed note. They have an in-house cat, and she and the vet tried to take the time to introduce them, knowing Shane and I have struggled to socialize Squeaks. They both suggested I drop in any time, even just for weigh ins as a way to make this happen sooner. This being half an hour AFTER closing time. They truly love what they do, care about the animals and I couldn’t be more grateful. I now finally have a safe spot to take my baby to and it means the world to me! Trust me, Squeaks was not pleasant to be around but you would never know that by the way they treated him. He is already back to his happy self at home, and that hasn’t happened so quickly before. We actually had a hard time getting him to walk out of THEIR door. Faith in vets restored. Highly, highly recommend Oxford Animal Hospital (and I will make it a point to get the vet and her assistant’s name, I could kick myself for overlooking that). Thank you ladies!
Chelsea Joynt

6/3/15    I give this clinic a 5 star rating! ★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about the Oxford Animal Hospital! From the moment you walk in it is the perfect veterinary clinic! The waiting room is clean & organized, the wait is short and the veterinarian and the rest of the staff are fantastic! Polite, friendly and informative! My visit to the clinic was an overall great experience. On June 1st, I took my cat “Tiberius” in for a dental cleaning and blood work. After the procedure I was shown before and after photos of my cat’s teeth and you could really tell what a great job they did cleaning & polishing his teeth. Thank you Dr. Wesam Awadin for taking the time to patiently answer all my questions and for treating my kitty with such kindness! The price was much less than what other clinics would have charged. It is a real good feeling when you walk out of a vet clinic with a healthy pet but without maxing out your credit card! I’m so glad I found this place!
Tamara Pylypchuk

6/3/15    I give this clinic a 5 star rating! ★★★★★
I recently had a great experience at the Oxford Animal Hospital.
I could not have been more delighted by the kindness and professionalism of the lovely folks working there! I feel so very blessed to have found this clinic and plan on taking all my cats there. Thank you Dr. Wesam Awadin for taking such great care of my special kitty Venno!
I promise to tell everyone about you!
Declan Oluk

5/27/15    I came to check out the clinic since it’s close to my house. When I walked in I was greeted by the receptionist who is very friendly. She gave me a tour of the clinic and I also got to meet the owner. I brought my cat in later that week and got exceptional service! I will be a return client and highly recommend people to go to this clinic.

5/7/15    It is the best veterinary clinic , warm place with very welcoming friendly staff , good veterinarian take good care of your pet. Don’t hesitate to go there.
Nour Mahmoud

5/5/15    Just went to check this new clinic out and were given a full tour of the clinic! Very tidy, organized, and professional. Staff are very friendly and polite, greeting us with a smile. Will definitely be taking my pets here.

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