Ask The Vet Q & ACategory: General QuestionsHello I was wondering if you are able to neuter my rabbit?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Hello there
How are you doing today? I just have a few questions for you as we have just got a male rabbit. He is about 10 months old, we are not sure of his real age because we got him from someone who wasn\’t taking care of him. What we are looking for is to get him neutered. We were hoping to get him neutered at your center but your website only specifies dogs and cats. However, Oxford Animal Hospital was recommended to us by a representative at Infinite Woofs. So a few of our questions are;
If you do spay and neuter rabbits, are there any precautions or preparations we must be do before we can get him neutered? 
Could we get a quote on how much it would cost? How much would it cost for medication?
Is there anything we must do post-surgery besides applying medication?
Are there any changes in his behavior post-surgery that we must be aware of?
And if possible, when can we come in for an appointment? I am available to bring him in throughout the week.
I look forward to your response.Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
Joshua Yu