Love is a four-legged word! The journey of life gets way too better when it is travelled with a pet along your side. Their love, warmth, and charm light spay and neuter servicesup your life more than anything can.

However, owning a pet comes with its own set of worries. While we talked about dental health with “6 Pet Dental Care Tips You Need to Know” in the last post, it’s time that we deal with the most common of all worries- Spaying and Neutering.

It is often a subject of dilemma whether you should spay and neuter your Cats and Dogs. While there are many benefits that people mostly talk about, there are various disadvantages of spaying and neutering that are commonly discussed and rumored.

Let us bust some of the most common spaying and neutering myths:

1. It will alter my pet’s guard instincts

This is one of the most common myths. Spaying and neutering will only make your pet better behaved. It does not change their personalities in terms of love affection or guard instincts. When you spay your females, they are unlikely to escape to find partners. Neutering your males will definitely reduce certain types of aggression, but the guard instinct (if it is a guard dog) will remain intact.

2.It will make my pet obese

Obesity comes from unruly eating habits and lack of physical activity. Spaying and neutering has nothing do with obesity whatsoever. You should take care of your cat or dog’s calorie intake and physical movement.

3.My pet does not need it because it stays indoors

This is a dangerous belief. First of all, if your pet isn’t going out, it might become a victim of obesity given to the lack of physical exercise. Secondly, staying indoors does not prevent your females from undergoing “heat” and thereby false pregnancy. Thirdly, undergoing multiple heat cycles terribly increases the probability of mammary cancer in females. Fourthly, your pet is more likely to escape when in heat if you ignore spaying and neutering. Too much to risk, ain’t it?

4.It causes pain

We have seen so many pet owners looking for cat and dog neuter and spay services in Edmonton and fearing the pan their pets will undergo. However, we ensure them that the vets are highly experienced in conducting these procedures. We give them due anesthesia and medication before and after the procedure to make sure that your pet comes out healthy and comfortable.

5.It’s expensive

Another myth that has blinded many minds! While it is definitely costly to raise a pet, it is not so when it comes to spaying and neutering your pets. Our spay and neuter services in Edmonton are affordable and the best in the town.

We believe that your pet deserves utmost care and the best state of health possible. Spaying and neutering prevents many diseases and unfortunate situations.

If you are willing take up this great cause for your pet, contact us at 780-7052131.