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Should Your Dog’s Food be Grain Free

Should Your Dog’s Food be Grain Free?

Your dog is important to you, so it follows that you want to treat him or her right and provide only the highest quality food. This makes sense, as better food will lead to a healthier, happier life for your furry friend. By researching and finding the best dog food, you are doing a favor […]

Introducing a New Cat into the Household

Introducing a New Cat into the Household

Cats are extremely emotional beings and can very easily get stressed, especially when their home changes. The basic instinct for cats in a stressful situations is to run and hide. That’s why, introducing a new cat into a household can be a tricky business. On top of being emotional, cats are highly territorial too. When […]

Reasons Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health

Reasons Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health

According to the American Pet Products Association, over 86 million cats and 78 million dogs are owned in the United States. So, it goes without saying that pet ownership is a big thing in America. And rightly so. They offer much-needed companionship, and can somehow instantly turn a bad day, into a good one. The […]


How To Introduce Old Pets To New Pets

Congratulations! Your animal family is growing. This is an exciting time for everyone involved. Not only are you getting a new furry animal companion, but your existing pets are also. Just like people meeting for the first time, animal introductions can be awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes tricky. Of course if at all possible, we always […]


How Often Should I Bathe My Dog or Cat?

Your dog or cat has natural ways of keeping clean without a bath, but this will vary in effectiveness from animal to animal. Cats use the sandpaper texture on their tongues to clear away dirt, and dogs will roll in sand or soil to stimulate the removal of excess hair and debris. Many homeowners, understandably, […]

5 Signs Your Cat Has Diabetes

5 Signs Your Cat Has Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, and potentially debilitating, condition in cats. The disorder is most prevalent among obese cats, male cats over eight years old, and those on a diet high in carbohydrates. Cases of feline diabetes are on the rise, and given the severity of the condition, it is important to take early measures […]

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Foods That You Can Share With Your Dog

Some human foods can be detrimental to your dog’s health. Many people know that they should not be feeding their dogs people food. They know that most of it can be unhealthy. You may not know that some human food is perfectly okay to feed your dog and is actually good for them. Keep reading […]

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Tips for Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture

Your furry friend probably loves jumping up on your couch with you as you are watching television. Some people make sure that their pets are never on the furniture; however most people just allow them up there, especially when they want to cuddle! Seeing scratches and tears on your furniture can be extremely frustrating. It […]

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Most Common Spaying and Neutering Myths Busted

Love is a four-legged word! The journey of life gets way too better when it is travelled with a pet along your side. Their love, warmth, and charm light up your life more than anything can. However, owning a pet comes with its own set of worries. While we talked about dental health with “6 […]

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Can We Make Our Pets Live Longer?

Our pets become members of our family very soon after we get them. We celebrate so many special occasions with them right by our side, it’s no wonder we want them to live forever! Although dogs will live to be around ten to thirteen years old, there are many things that owners can do to […]

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