There is nothing sweeter than having a pet lick you, love you, and cuddle with you. These adorable animals have a way of making our lives better.

However, we, as humans, do not always understand their requirements and fail to recognize the real care our pets require. With little care and awareness, you can make your pets’ lives better too.Cat Dental Care

While there are lots of health tips you need to take care of your pets, dental care is one thing that almost gets ignored on a day to day basis. We fail to realize that like humans, animals need dental care too.

With February being the National Pet Dental Health Month, we have some highly useful tips for your pet’s dental health. Let’s explore:

1.Brush their teeth:

Sounds obvious? Well, not as much. Vets at Oxfordanimalvet admit to attending to dog and cat owners who don’t follow a regular brushing routine. The thing to keep in mind is you should never use a tooth paste made for humans on animals. The chemicals are not friendly for them. Use a cleaning paste that is made for pets. Brush your pet’s teeth daily even if find it difficult.

2.Don’t start brushing without training:

Your pet needs time to get accustomed to this routine. Start by getting them used to have your fingers and hands close to their teeth. Gentle stroking should be the first step. Brushing your pet’s teeth isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. So take it seriously. Train your pet to get used to this daily routine.

3.Feed them right:

Ask your vet for a dental diet that includes foods that are tooth-friendly. Canned food is not healthy for your pet’s teeth. However, a lot depends on your pet’s overall health. As the vet to suggest a balance of crunchy and canned food that suits the body of your pet.

4.Keep candy and chocolate at bay:

It might seem like a good idea to pop a candy into their mouth while you are having one. However, candies and chocolates of all kind are highly toxic for pets.

5.Tooth-friendly toys:

Let your pets play with rubber toys that protect their tooth. Hard toys are harmful for their teeth and their gums.

6.Regular Vet appointments:

Your pet needs regular dental examination. Don’t wait for your pet to show signs of tooth ache. Animals ain’t good at recognizing dental pain. Even when their tooth hurt, they won’t stop eating or reduce their diet. Periodic cleaning by a professional is important. Also, to identify serious dental issues t the budding stage, frequent trips to the vet is the most important step.

Take care of that adorable creature and enjoy the fresh breath when you cuddle with them.

Got queries about your beloved pet? We, at Oxfordanimalvet, love your pet as much as you do. Our dog and cat dental care services in Edmonton are one of the best in the town while ensuring gentle care for your endearing animals.

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